Finding Heidi Thomson-Daly to serve as our Interim Development Director has been an invigorating and remarkable experience. We have been working together for over a year and I have come to view her as a loyal and committed deputy who has taken on far more responsibilities than our original agreed upon scope of work. Adjectives to describe her work: diligent, creative, detail-oriented yet big picture thinker, works with joy and humor, boundless energy and a great team player. I highly recommend Heidi and don’t know what I would do without her!
Donna Hall

President and CEO, Women Donors Network

Heidi is the very definition of boundless energy, and she uses that energy in the pursuit of your organization’s goals. Heidi thoughtfully helped Seattle Girls’ School develop the strategy, systems, and activities that supported our work on the largest capital campaign the school has ever embarked upon, working with our staff, board of trustees and campaign volunteers to implement our big plans. Her belief in and partnership with us were a winning formula for our success.
Brenda Leaks

Head of School, Seattle Girls' School

“I couldn’t imagine a more enthusiastic and more upbeat professional than Heidi. We are a stronger organization for her guidance.”

Heidi served as my Interim Development Director at EarthCorps. Heidi is organized, enthusiastic, efficient, and effective. She kept us focused and on track to meet our goals. She helped us reimagine our largest fundraiser which generated record revenue. I could not imagine having gone through a development director transition without Heidi. She is fabulous!

Steve Dubiel

Executive Director , EarthCorps

At a critical moment in our evolution as an organization, Heidi conducted an incisive audit of our development operations, identifying opportunities and new approaches that will guide our efforts for years to come. Further down the line Heidi came on board as Interim Development Director and did an extraordinary job. Her skilled and sophisticated direction inspired staff and board to stretch and reach higher, resulting in increased giving and a deeper level of board engagement. Heidi also served as an encouraging and supportive partner with me, promoting my growth and enabling me to step out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t imagine a more enthusiastic and more upbeat professional than Heidi. We are a stronger organization for her guidance.

Susan Segall

Executive Director , New Beginnings

“It was one of the best retreats we’ve had in 16 years – I would highly recommend her for retreat planning, training and facilitation!”

I’d never worked with an interim Chief Development Officer and was just hoping for the best, but Heidi surpassed my loftiest of expectations. When I was CEO of Childhaven, Heidi joined our agency at a critical and sensitive time of transition. She is a consummate professional in all definitions of the word. She won over the entire staff while gracefully ‘tackling’ the thorny issues that needed to be addressed. Heidi is an asset and gift to any organization that will allow itself to be guided by her depth of experience and results oriented mind-set. Later on, when became CEO of the YWCA, Heidi was one of my first phone calls. She and a colleague conducted an outstanding development assessment, as well as a competitive landscape review, giving me the insights I needed to make key decisions as the new CEO. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone and everyone!

Maria Chavez Wilcox

President & CEO, YWCA, (Former CEO, Childhaven)

After successfully partnering with Heidi to build an alumni component to the public phase of the Campaign for the University Bothell, I knew just who to reach out to when I became CEO for Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington. With two open leadership positions, I needed someone who could provide strategic guidance and create a structured environment for our fundraising team. Heidi was the answer. Heidi had previously worked with our fundraising team, so her tacit knowledge of our organization, coupled with her incredible fundraising acumen and the professionalism to handle any challenge I presented, made her the perfect interim CDO.  Heidi led us through the creation of an actionable three-year development plan, oversaw the execution of our nascent WOW: Wonder of Wishes luncheon, and was instrumental in onboarding two critical fundraising positions. This was a daunting task for many, but Heidi’s grace, humor and wit made it fun and stress free.  I could not provide a more full-throated recommendation for a consultant than I can for Heidi.

Melissa Arias

President & CEO, Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington

“Heidi is one of the most talented, fun, and thoughtful consultants I’ve ever worked with.”

Heidi served on my senior leadership team as Interim Chief Development Officer during a critical time at BGCKC. She assessed the ROI of our fundraising program, managed and inspired a 12+ fundraising team, led major gifts training for our Board, all while supporting me in numerous ways. She brought clarity, expertise, humor and her infamous ‘pep’ when we needed it most. I would highly recommend Heidi to any organization seeking to strengthen their fundraising program.

Calvin Lyons

President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Los Angeles, (Former President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County)

Heidi did a terrific job leading us up to and through our annual Foundation Board retreat. It really was very well done, one of the best retreats we’ve had during my 16 years at NKC. Heidi’s concrete examples, fun interactive experiences, and specific tips as to how to be successful in major gifts fundraising made everyone feel more competent. I would highly recommend her for retreat planning, training and facilitation!

Joyce F. Jackson

President & CEO , Northwest Kidney Centers

“Her incredible fundraising acumen and the professionalism to handle any challenge makes her the perfect interim CDO.”

I have had the extreme pleasure of partnering with Heidi during a critical time for our national organization. Heidi made it possible for me as an Executive Director, without a development team, to breath. She helped us focus our energies on growth, established a clear path to achieve that, and was a constant and supportive thought partner. Heidi balanced thoughtful advice and guidance with concrete work to help jumpstart initiatives that we could not have accomplished without her expertise. Working with Heidi included lots of laughter, thoughtful processing to get to proactive strategies, and meaningful analysis that lead us to lasting results. I recommend Heidi wholeheartedly to any organization experiencing leadership transitions and those ready to evolve your development strategies.

Annie Van Avery

Executive Director, Domestic Abuse Project, (Former Executive Director, COLAGE)

Heidi served as Interim Director of Development for our capital campaign for the new Hands On Children’s Museum. As co-president of the board of directors, I am so grateful for the expertise and assistance she provided to our Executive Director, management, and to the board. Working alongside our leadership, Heidi was extremely helpful as we open our new, amazing facility in Olympia and started this new journey that has been a dream for so many years. It was great working with Heidi and I would happily recommend her to any organization.

Sam Armour

Co-President of the Board of Directors , Hands On Children’s Museum

“Her skilled and sophisticated direction inspired staff and board to stretch and reach higher.”

Hello! Thank you for visiting HT & CO.!

After 13 years practicing the art and science of raising money, I have sunset my consulting work to pursue another long-held professional interest: becoming a real estate broker!

THANK YOU to each and every one of the incredible non-profit organizations I’ve had to honor to work with - all 178 of you! I am grateful for your loyalty and partnership over the years and will continue to support causes I care about for years to come.

I am thrilled to now be a full-time real estate broker working with buyers and sellers throughout the Puget Sound. You can find me and my team at Ensemble, a cooperative brokerage of real estate professionals based in Seattle. I chose Ensemble because their ethos and values are an extension of my own. We are a close, community-minded team committed to providing unmatched value and service for our clients.

I remain very active in the non-profit community. It would be my pleasure to refer you to other fundraising consultants and resources.

Please reach out any time! I would love to hear from you!

With deep appreciation,
Heidi Thomson-Daly